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  Shiyan dongfang saiqi international trade Co.,Ltd established in 1998,we supply spare parts for cummins 4B3.3, 4B5.9, 6C8.3, 4ISDe, 6ISDe, 4ISBe, 6ISBe, 6L8.9, 6ISLe, NT855, M11, K19, K38, K50, ISF.
  over 10years of experience,we accumulate much industry knowledge and have friendly and long-time cooperations with overseas customers.
  the wide range of engine series and the full range of parts protect to our knight service.......
Cummins Engine assy
Cummins Cylinder Block
Cummins Cylinder Head
Cummins Crankshaft
Cummins CamShaft
Cummins Con Rod
Cummins Piston
Cummins Piston Ring
Cummins Piston pin
Cummins Cylinder Liner
Cummins Bearing Shell
Cummins Flywheel
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